About Us

    Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting established Electronic Media Monitoring Centre started in 2006( Order No: 6/8/3004-BC-IV) with the aim to have effective monitoring of content of various TV channels beaming over Indian Territory for any violation of:

    • Programme Code
    • Advertisement Code
    • Various provisions of Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995

    The Centre has been entrusted with the work of monitoring the contents of (a) All TV channels up linking and down linking in India to check the violation of Programme and Advertisement Codes enshrined in Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 and Rules framed there under, (b) Any other such work relating to monitoring of contents of broadcasting sector assigned by the Government from time to time.

    At present, EMMC records and monitors around 900 TV channels round the clock. EMMC monitors and carries out a scrutiny of violations by electronic media in accordance with Codes framed under the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995. EMMC puts out reports on violations along with the recorded clips to the Scrutiny Committee, which examines and goes into the purported violations and forwards its findings to the Inter-Ministerial Committee and other bodies for further action.


    Central Monitoring Centre was set up in Shimla way back during the World War II to monitor anti war propaganda, carried out by various international radio programmes. Later, the Centre was shifted to its new complex at Aya Nagar, New Delhi in 1981 and renamed as Central Monitoring Services (CMS). It was brought under the direct control of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in 2003. In addition to other works, CMS was monitoring content aspect of TV channels to look into the violation of Programme & Advertising Code under Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995. CMS activities (excluding content monitoring) were transferred to National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) with effect from 01.04.2005. Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC) was set up on 9th June, 2008 under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to monitor the content aspect of TV channels and report on violations of Programme and Advertising Code.